Evangelism Techniques

Evangelism Techniques
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EVANGELISM TECHNIQUES is a call to evangelise. Following the principle of I Corinthians 9:22, the author presents ten different, but related, approaches to evangelism. The singular aim is that, by all possible means, some might be saved.

Is it mere fun that the average Christian of our time hardly wins a single soul in a whole year? Is it a laughing matter that the modern Christian sees evangelism as the work of only the “evangelists”? Is it a joke that our lives sometimes push the “would-be-Christians” farther away from our Lord? Don't we need to study and act on the ways we can better disciple the world for Christ? EVANGELISM TECHNIQUES attempts to make you see and do your part in the task of world evangelisation.

Beginning from the Sower's Technique, touching Children, Missionary, Miracle and the Synagogue Techniques among others, the author culminates the treatise with what he calls Barnabas' Technique. You won't regret your moments sincerely spent with EVANGELISM TECHNIQUES.

About the Author

Professor Felix Aromo Ilesanmi hails from Supare – Akoko South West LGA of Ondo State, Nigeria. He came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour at a very tender age, a position he has renewed and tries to maintain over the years. He grew up in the Christian faith to become a Bible Teacher, encouraging his audience and friends to be channels of blessings wherever they find themselves. Although he has served in many leadership positions in Churches, Fellowship Groups and in secular assignments, he still emphasizes “serving without portfolio” as key to being real channel of blessings.

Ilesanmi is married to Joanna Oluwafunmilayo Yemisi and are blessed with Itunu Oluwanifiise and Ayodele Oluwatomiisin. They work and live in the Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria.

(2014, Paperback, 92 pages)


Evangelism Techniques E-Book
Evangelism Techniques E-Book

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