Faith Walk: The Visitations

Faith Walk: The Visitations
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Faith Walk: The Visitations
by Witness

Faith is a non-tangible element that has tangible significance. With it we can move mountains. Life is a Faith Walk. We live by faith from day to day. Everyone has been given a measure of faith and we use our faith daily for the simplest of things without even realizing it. This book contains extraordinary miracles that happened in a young manís life while in college. In times of uncertainty, economic hardship, mental challenges, family instability, moral impurity, terrorist threats and social unrest we all need a ray of hope. Visitations from God are for encouragement and guidance, at the most critical times of our Christian walk, college life or professional development, to ensure that we find our purpose and fulfill our destiny. Faith Walk was written to inspire the believer and give faith to the non-believer. It was written to strengthen your faith in God.

About the Author

Witness is the senior pastor of a thriving non-denominational church. He teaches and trains ministry leaders in the areas of church leadership, community involvement and church project development through workshops and seminars. He has Masters degrees in Architecture and City Planning. Witness is a adjunct professor, former city planner, architect and general contractor. He has worked on projects all over the United States. Projects include NASA, National Football League, airports, judicial facilities, hospitals, office buildings, industrial facilities, residential communities, retail centers, educational facilities, and numerous churches.

He uses the name Witness because he wants all praises to go to God and because he is an eye witness to all of the miracles contained in this book and other miracles that have yet to be published.

(2011, paperback, 80 pages)


Faith Walk: The Visitations (PDF ebook)
Faith Walk: The Visitations (PDF ebook)

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This item is currently out of stock!
Faith Walk: The Visitations [ePub]
Faith Walk: The Visitations [ePub]

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Faith Walk: The Visitations [Kindle Edition]

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