The Four of Us

The Four of Us
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8628-0

by Monica Foley

Friendships are important when we are little and as we grow up. There are many ways we share friendship, as shown to us in The Four of Us. People enjoy spending time with each other, playing together, sharing tears, telling stories, and laughing with one another.

The Four of Us is a very special piece for me, as I wrote the story some time ago. I would now like to share it with you, the reader, through Angela and her four friends. I hope you enjoy the book.


Monica Foley lives in Red Wing, Minnesota. A child of a father in the Air Force, she has lived in various places, including three years in Japan while in high school. At the age of fifty-one, Ms. Foley returned to college to become a teacher, and she taught in Dublin, Ireland, for a short while. Ms. Foley started writing when she was very young; it was a way to keep in touch with her grandparents while living away from relatives. Writing, teaching, and traveling are some of her passions.

(2008, paperback, 32 pages)

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The Four of Us [E-book edition]
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