Genie and the Dragons

Genie and the Dragons
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Genie and the Dragons
by Ross C. Gillanders

Genie and the Dragons is an allegory set in a world where people are able to live in harmony. That is, until the arrival of Pretender. Then we begin to see how subtle the genie within us all can be.

In this work, Gillanders cleverly prompts the reader to recognize personal dragons and more. You will find yourself looking at the link between how we acquire knowledge, the quality of our lives, and our propensity for violence.

This myth attempts to sum up what the author considers to be most important about what he has learned from his pursuit of truth.

About the Author

Ross C. Gillanders has a B. Ed. degree. Besides teaching, he has worked as a logger, an operating engineer, a real estate salesman, a farmer, and in many other occupations.

At forty-five, he suddenly gained an overpowering need to explain by what means he instantly and totally recovered from a powerful addiction. This pursuit of truth led him to write about many aspects of human behaviour. In this work, his only advice is, “Don’t believe anything I say, just think about it.”

At seventy-five, Ross and his wife, Mary, continue to reside on their small farm in Aldergrove, B.C., Canada where they have raised their family.

(2009, paperback, 44 pages)


Genie and the Dragons (e-book)
Genie and the Dragons (e-book)

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