Give the Gift of Reading

Have you ever wondered how a book can reach out and touch someone? On this special page RoseDog authors and readers share their stories of how a RoseDog book touched their life.

I was going through a very dark and desperate time in my life when I first came across this book. It was recommended by a friend and it changed my life. The stories are like snapshots of life. Just reading them gave me hope when I felt like there was none. I saw and felt the light just lifting me. I have had this book for a while and still look back and read it over and over. I keep it on my nightstand.

I thank you and the author!

Lois M. Reichert West Orange, New Jersey
A 24 year old woman read my book and said that it motivated her to move half way across the United States to get out of the area where she was being abused. It motivated her to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something better with her life.

Rita Melton
Several months ago, my friend, Florence, a fellow choir member, approached me as we were leaving our weekly rehearsal. She had just finished reading my book A Place in the Choir. I was pleased to hear that in the book, she had discovered something helpful.

Her granddaughter, Alex, had been in a major auto accident and was left with multiple injuries, some of which caused her to have learning problems. Florence had explained that Alex, now a teenager, often seemed angry and frustrated at not being able to fully participate in normal activities with friends.

In chapter fourteen of my book, I told of the loneliness I had felt during college and how I had envied my sister, who was having such fun with her teenage friends. Florence said that she felt sure that her granddaughter had those same feelings toward her younger sister because she had no real friends of her own since the accident. Florence decided then an there that she was going to talk with the girl’s family and urge them to help Alex to find activities that might bring her into contact with children in similar circumstances.

Of the many glowing comments offered by readers of my book, Florence’s insight was most gratifying.

Sherry Barber Hatfield

The best compliment from among hundreds I have received is, “Your book has made me aware of conscientious editing; I got the job.”

Dr. Martha J. B. Cook, Grammar Consultant, Malone Management Program, Malone University, Canton, Ohio

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