God's Garden of Love

God's Garden of Love
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God's Garden of Love
by Shirley Jacobson

Revealed in the midst of these writings are the words and works of our Lord God Jesus from His manifested heart into Shirley Marie Jacobsonís. They love and work together for the fulfillment of mankind. Also relevant is Jacobsonís Guardian Angel, who rescued her and brought her back unto His presence where peace, love and refuge abounded ever so fruitful. Illuminating from this book are spiritual inspiring writings that capture the heart in eternal love and transpire unto an instrument of musical chords that she places, pen in hand, His heart and hand in hers, lovingly on paper to be instilled and caught up forever for all.

So here Jacobson graciously and humbly, in return, gives these fruitful words of wisdom and love to you, dear hearts, praying they will bring solace and peace unto your hearts and souls filling and enlightening your every need. Changes are needed in ourselves, once changed, all else surrounding us also changes.

God bless and welcome home, dear hearts, in all love of His substance of supreme words and works written in this, His book.

A Deed of Eternal Love.

About the Author:

Residing in Brooksville, Florida, with her husband and adopted stray cat, Shirley Marie Jacobson spends her given time writing, drawing, tending to her garden and the majority of birds, and cooking meals and baking. Her earlier writings began in the sixties and have grown since that time. Now, in her late eighties, the door to her writings has opened up with our Lordís help into and unto the printed form.

(2014, Paperback, 104 pages)


God's Garden of Love [EBOOK]
God's Garden of Love [EBOOK]

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