Go-Homing Time

Go-Homing Time
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Go-Homing Time
by Jean

They are cold. They are callous. They are uncaring. They use drugs, they are promiscuous, and they commit acts of crime and violence. No longer are they children. They do not behave well, nor do they perform well academically. Blame is laid on just about everyone and everything—the education system, the church, the media….

Go-Homing Time sheds light on the plight of our children from the perspective of a teacher—a profession bombarded with these failings. It is a peek at which no one dares to look, a peek from where they are actually coming: the failings of the home.

About the Author

The author of Go-Homing Time was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Most of her adult life has been spent working with children – indirectly through the library service, and directly as a teacher. She now teaches at a junior high school, and works part-time as a lecturer at a national training agency. While she is fun loving, she is also a very private person.

She has a diploma in secondary education from teachers’ college. From there she did undergraduate studies in economics, and later educational administration. Soon, she begins graduate studies in consulting psychology.

Jean hopes to impact the success and wellbeing of all children, all over the world, hence her reason for writing this book. She is a praying woman, a woman of strong faith; a kiwanian, a mentor, and mothers several children including her own.

(2009, paperback, 116 pages)


Go-Homing Time (e-book)
Go-Homing Time (e-book)

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