Granny Groover

Granny Groover
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Granny Groover
by Diane Heffernan

Kelly and Zara can be assured of a fun time when Granny Groover comes to look after them while their parents are away. In fact, the whole neighborhood is in for a fun time—except, of course, the nosy Mrs. Potts, who does not approve of Granny Groover nor the things she and her granddaughters do while their parents are away.

Kelly and Zara love having Granny Groover stay with them and decide to surprise her with a grand day out. The neighborhood is treated to a rather unusual sight as they skate by in fancy dresses, eating very large ice cream snacks—all except Mrs. Potts, who definitely does not approve!

About the Author

Diane Heffernan lives with her husband, Peter, on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She has five granddaughters, who live in New Zealand. She has made up stories for her grandchildren over the years and has now decided to put them into print and share them with a wider audience. Diane likes to think she is a fun grandma who thinks outside the square, and that is what Granny Groover is based on.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


Granny Groover (e-book)
Granny Groover (e-book)

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