Grammar in My Pocket! [E-Book]

Grammar in My Pocket! [E-Book]
Item# 978-1-4809-6825-7

Grammar in My Pocket! [E-Book]
by Anita Baker-Adams

Confused about adjectives, verbs, nouns? Well, finally, here is an easy to use and fun reference guide entitled Grammar in My Pocket! It was created as a quick reference guide and addendum to the regular classroom grammar book.

The idea was formed during the authorís homework sessions with her then 3rd grade granddaughter. On many occasions, the author noticed her granddaughter needed to refer to her grammar book to verify or ascertain basic grammatical rules that are, in her Grandmotherís opinion, easily forgotten. Although the granddaughter was an Honor Student with exceptional knowledge and command for grammar, she found it very cumbersome when referring to her massive grammar book (8Ĺ x 11 and about an inch thick) and searching through chapters to simply find basic grammar rules.

In order to expedite the time it was taking to complete homework and finding basic rules expeditiously, the author created this quick reference guide. Not only did this quick reference guide prove valuable in reducing research time, the unintended result was the fact that her 3rd grade granddaughter began to memorize the grammar rules faster which reduced her overall homework time.

The author loves the play on words, Grammar In My Pocket!, because whether or not one has the hardcopy of the little booklet or it downloaded onto a device, it fits neatly in the pocket. Therefore, her granddaughter was always able to carry the booklet with her in her pocket!

(2016, E-Book)

This book is also available for download as an e-book in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Get the same great book to read on your computer or PDA! It's less expensive and it saves paper!

NOTE: In order to view this e-book, your computer will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Many computers are sold with the program already installed, but if you don't have it, you can download it for free: CLICK HERE

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