Grampa Pat's Little Animal Tales

Grampa Pat's Little Animal Tales
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9797-2

by Patrick W. Rosseter

Do some animals think and act like people? According to Rosseter, the answer is yes—animals have thoughts and feelings just like you do! As any child with a pet will tell you, there is a bond of compassion that exists between them.

Reading these stories will help you understand why animals have a place in this world. Parents, read these stories with your children. I’m sure Dr. Woo would approve.

Wait! Who is Dr. Woo? Start with the first story and become acquainted with him. He’ll introduce you to a new way of looking at the world.


Born in 1926 and reared in Chicago, Patrick W. Rosseter became a journeyman printer-typesetter, following in his father’s footsteps, after coming home from the Army Air Corps. He’s been married for over forty-six years—they will make it to fifty and beyond. He has fathered three sons and a daughter and is the greatest “Grampa” to four illustrious grandsons, without whose encouragement those stories would have never come to be.

Mr. Rosseter’s only hobbies are reading and working out. He was the 2002 Michigan Senior Olympic Champion.

(2005, paperback, 46 pages)

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Grampa Pat's Little Animal Tales [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9797-2 [E-book]

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