The Halted Continuation

The Halted Continuation
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The Halted Continuation
by B. K. Slocumb

He is watching, praying he can be a better man than the monster he sees. It is time he owns up to his mistakes. Is he strong enough? Can love change the will of a man? A shocking event that sought to destroy Nich’s family catapults him in triumph and chaos. His mind hungers for vengeance. Darkness follows Micah and seeks to destroy the family she fights to keep. Ruth, deciding that anger and misery was all she had left, is jolted into a reality of complications. It is through the brokenness of two families that Nich and Ruth are horrifically renewed on the road to unsightly redemption. Will their love prepare them for what lies ahead? Theirs is a story of the humanity, in its rare form: ugly and hopeful.

About the Author

B.K. Slocumb, considering herself a Georgian after spending over 10 years in Atlanta, was born and raised in Queens, New York. She started writing a story about a place that always moved her, her former home.

B.K. or Bob to her friends is a licensed therapist in Metropolitan Atlanta. Currently pursuing a PhD in Counseling, she prides herself on the development of several theories she’s created and expanded upon over the years related to love, the quality course of romantic relationships, and the power it wields to which you, the reader will become privy.

The only mission for B.K. Slocumb with The Halted Continuation is that you be taken away as she was creating it and as still is reading it over and over again.

(2014, Paperback, 80 pages)


The Halted Continuation (eBook)
The Halted Continuation (eBook)

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