Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After
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Happily Ever After
by Marian L. Wilcoxon

Happily Ever After is a book about marriage. It is serious with a touch of humor. It can be used as a guide for couples who want to make their marriage work. Pastoral counselors could benefit by using this book for instruction and distribution to couples. In addition, it is a useful tool for seminars, book discussions, wedding gifts, or other occasions where a gift is meant to be special. Marriage is always the subject of interesting dialogue. Enjoy this book but take it to heart. Marriage is meant to last and be enjoyed as an integral part of a couple’s life and companionship throughout their years together.

About the Author

Marian L. Wilcoxon is the author of the poetry book Spiritual Jewels, which was published in 2005. Now she tackles the subject of marriage in her latest book. She married Darrel Wilcoxon on October 27, 1979, and realizes the challenges that come with marriage. After seeing so many people she knew decide to divorce, she decided to see if any of her experiences could help other couples stay together. This is the second marriage for both Darrel and Marian, so they know what it means for a marriage to fail. When you know better, you do better. She knows that just like life, marriage is a daily walk, and she truly desires for people to marry and have it last “happily ever after.”

(2009, paperback, 54 pages)


Happily Ever After (e-book)
Happily Ever After (e-book)

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