Hands Up America

Hands Up America
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Hands Up America
by Dennis J. Haut (Blackie)

This book deals with the authorís attempt to change Americaís system of education. For the past two-hundred and fifty years, teaching has been about the same. Teachers have given information to their students that the teachers want the students to know and be tested on. Most of these teachers have used the same text and teaching materials over their career. From Hautís many contacts and taking a long hard look at his own professional teaching career, he believes it is time to make teaching changes for the twenty-first century.

You might not agree with all the authorís proposals but they make a lot of sense. Teachers will no longer teach to the middle of the pack. By doing this, they are losing most of their students along the way. They are either above most of the students heads or so boring to the advanced students, reaching each and every students at their level of understanding with modern and new technology is something thatís needed by all concerned. After reading this book, you can decide for yourself.

About the Author

The author is a simple American educator who lives in a small community in Northern Michigan. He has been happily married to his wife Gloria (Michalik) Haut for the past forty-six years. He has two children: Gary and Terri (Haut) Moore. He has two grandchildren who also live in Sterling, Michigan. Their names are Madison and Nicholas Moore.

Haut spent his life in the field of education. Of his thirty-four years in education, thirty-two were spent as a principal. He has a Bachelors and Masters Degree from Central Michigan University.

This is Hautís third published book. He believes it is his best work so far. He truly believes in what is stated in this text. He would like to thank all the teachers he has had in his career. Good or bad, they have all played a part in his life

Haut has named his new educational system ďHautismĒ for the twenty-first century. It is the best name that came to his mind. It seemed to fit just right.

(2014, Paperback, 88 pages)


Hands Up America (eBook)
Hands Up America (eBook)

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