Heart with Wings

Heart with Wings
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Heart with Wings
A Mother-Daughter Story by Lisa Hitchcock, Inspired and Assisted by Nadia Hitchcock

This is a mother-daughter story that has been in the making for years. It began with little scraps of paper saved in a drawer, random thoughts, and scribbled notes waiting to be told. Itís not your typical story since it doesnít begin at the beginning or finish at the end. Itís a story of life, love, frustration, and sacrifice. For reasons that are never totally clear, my life resembles that of a salmon swimming upstream against the current, instinctively with determination to persevere for Nadia, my daughter.

My hope is that these stories will touch hearts and bring smiles and laughter to those of you who choose to share this journey with us. My story details the trials and tribulations of living alone, just the two of us, in our country home on twenty acres in Pike. Two pioneer women fighting the elements and overcoming very interesting obstacles! At the conclusion of my story, you are in for a real treatólife in Pike through my daughterís perspective. We both hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we have enjoyed sharing them.

About the Authors

Lisa lives in Grass Valley, California, with her dog, Angie; her cat, Sassy; and her daughterís lactose-intolerant Abyssinian, Scarlet. She works as a financial advisor in Nevada City. She enjoys daily walks with Angie on the many beautiful trails in the foothills, loves to garden, read nonfiction, paint, and immerse herself in the study of the Italian language and culture in hopes of finding her way back to Italy someday. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a bachelorís degree in psychology.

Lisaís daughter, Nadia, lives in southern California, where she is attending college and majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She loves to dance and buy expensive shoes.

(2009, paperback, 122 pages)


Heart with Wings (e-book)
Heart with Wings (e-book)

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