Healings That Produce Wholeness

Healings That Produce Wholeness
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Healings That Produce Wholeness
by Alfreda Wright

This story is about how many things we allow to interfere with our relationship with the Father and his son, Jesus Christ. It is about the plans we make that donít line up Godís perfect will. It shows how God uses His people, things, and even our sicknesses to bring us into the place where we can hear and obey His Word.

God wants vessels of honor, and He has found them in many different places. He will use people of all shapes and sizes. In spite of all of our physical and emotional ailments, which may disable us, God can and will still make us whole.

About the Author

Alfreda Wright is just an average person with thoughts and plans of being what she thought were her destiny. God changed her plans by using her abilities to care for others. She is a loving, compassionate person who learns and is still learning how to be independent of others but totally dependent on God.

She has learned how not to allow the disappointment of this world to discourage her faith. Through all her suffering, she had to realize God was building her character and making a diamond out of raw material.

(2009, paperback, 34 pages)


Healings That Produce Wholeness (e-book)
Healings That Produce Wholeness (e-book)

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