His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances

His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances
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His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances
by Paula C. Bean

This book is an intimate and vulnerable exposition of one woman’s journey through a life-altering experience and what happens as a result of her final surrender to the Almighty.

Written during one of history’s most challenging economic crises, it brings to reality the sheer sovereignty of God. The words, although infrequently recognizable and admittedly the author’s own, are in large part true reflections of the inner voice of the Spirit that dwells within, the convictions of the heart’s desires that Christ brings alive in those who are called His own.

This is a chapter in the life of a woman who dared to cry “Uncle” and to place her trust in her Beloved Lord. It is also the story of the tender intimacy that follows.

There is a wealth of hope in this work—hope for those who experience life’s difficulties and can’t seem to make sense of it all.

This book is for those who are willing to take a journey, climbing higher and higher until they taste the goodness of dwelling on the mountaintop with God. It is written for God, from God, and with God.

If God has or continues to engineer your circumstances, leaving you to wonder “what’s next,” take the journey and learn of His abounding goodness. It’s a thrill ride that will catch your breath at every turn.

About the Author

This first-time author grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island, where she lived for twenty-one years before moving to South Florida. Although she has published poetry over the last five years, she has never endeavored to complete a book.

Paula has always had a penchant for writing and actively pursued an education in journalism during her early college years. “But God had a different idea,” she states when she recounts how her career in the healthcare industry evolved. Thirty years later, during a pause in her life as a senior healthcare executive, she was able to use what she refers to as her true talent, her true purpose in life, and wrote this first work.

Born and raised in the Catholic tradition, she developed a deeper personal journey with Christ at the age of twenty-seven. She often tells of how each day, each year, each new chapter of her life brings greater intimacy and clarity to the magnificence and true greatness of God.

Since the completion of this book, Paula has returned to her career in the healthcare industry, adding that she has already begun writing the sequel to His Abounding Goodness. She adds, “Saint Teresa wrote Interior Castles while maintaining her full-time commitment to her religious order. If I am to trust that my writing comes from and is entirely for the Lord, then He’ll give me the same strength He gave Teresa.”

Paula lives by the words that resound in her heart: “Do not aspire to anything, rather be inspired by the Spirit who breathes life into your soul.”

(2009, hardcover, 196 pages)


His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances (PDF ebook)
His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances (PDF ebook)

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His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances [E-Pub Version]
His Abounding Goodness: When God Engineers Our Circumstances [E-Pub Version]

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