Holy Limericks: Volume One: The Pentateuch and Job

Holy Limericks: Volume One: The Pentateuch and Job
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Holy Limericks: Volume One
by Carolyn Long Silvers

Limerick is a light-hearted poetry style. Holy Limericks: Volume One, has made Old Testament Bible stories fun to read and easy to remember. Colorful illustrations were designed by the author, using members of her family as models. Written straight from scripture with no particular religious slant, these stories will entertain and remain in your memory. Appealing to adults, and suitable for children, the poems present old stories in new light.

About the Author:

Author Carolyn Long Silvers was born in the Ozarks. She grew up in Missouri and Southern California, and then spent most of her adult life in Wyoming. She has written poetry since age ten. Growing up in a family of poets, she learned appreciation for rhyme and meter at an early age. Ms Silvers holds a Master Degree in Education: Curriculum Design, and has written curriculum for Sunday Schools and Children’s Church. Painting in various mediums has long been a hobby of the author.

The author raised a large family consisting of birth and foster children, has worked with children and adults with special needs, volunteered in community programs, and published two books. She is retired and now lives in a seaside town with her mate and best friend, Robert.

(2016, Paperback, 122 pages)


Holy Limericks: Volume One: The Pentateuch and Job (e-book)
Holy Limericks: Volume One: The Pentateuch and Job (e-book)

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