I Know You'll Be There

I Know You'll Be There
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I'll Know You'll Be There
by Dianne Wescoe

This book is designed to inspire readers of all ages, to help face challenging times, and know God our creator is always there with us. Following the path and plan that God has for you, you can go on through life and be anything if you stay in His will. You are somebody in Christ. Before my daughter’s death she wrote poems to encourage others. God inspired me to write and assure someone through during trying times in this world today. Victory is yours, just believe! In my heart I believe that the young and the old will be encouraged.

About the Author

The author is a wife, mother of three grown children, one deceased, eight grandchildren and a servant of El Shaddai God Almighty. A native of New Orleans and high school graduate of 1972, she continued her education in business college and became a medical secretary from 1973 until 1977. Her family was displaced in Atlanta, Georgia, until recently after Hurricane Katrina. Her passion is writing, and she is motivated to encourage others through trials one may face. She has already seen the benefits of this. All the hurt, pain and challenges her family has faced, God has brought them through. These trials strengthen her, and through sharing with others, they too can overcome any obstacle they face in life. More books coming soon.

(2010, paperback, 36 pages)


I Know You'll Be There (PDF ebook)
I Know You'll Be There (PDF ebook)

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