I, My Dear, and the Devil

I, My Dear, and the Devil
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I, My Dear, and the Devil
by Mohammed Zailani

True love is an innermost seed of affection that is generated in the lightest and softest part of the heart. It draws your mind, body, and soul, and it covers up all ills. It directs your emotions and serves as solid reason for every move you make.

This is an emotional story of two desperate and anxious couples whose dreams and aspirations were to end up together as man and wife. This relationship was challenged by dysfunctional forces of both a physical and spiritual nature. The hitches amidst the pressing desire of these couples include the difference in the relationships of both parents, the evil of politics involve, and the bad influence of the devil as a front runner enemy of every marital bond.

I, My Dear, and the Devil is based on a true life story. It is a tale of lessons learned in a struggle to get married, the hurdles, set-backs, and frustrations, the anxiety, hope, and faith. It encourages patience, steadfastness, and strength. It pours out a rich experience for those so interested in relationships, especially those who want to get married.

About the Author

The author was born in Yauri LGA from Kebbi State of Nigeria. He studied at the famous University of Ahmadu Bello Zaria and graduated with a Bsc in international studies. He has a masterís degree in developmental studies at University of Bayero Kano State. He works with Nigeria Immigration Service.

The authorís hobbies includes writing, reading, research, and watching movies. He has written a poetry book titled Wet Lips and Raised Palms which is currently available at www.i-proclaim.com.

(2011, paperback, 60 pages)


I, My Dear, and the Devil (PDF ebook)
I, My Dear, and the Devil (PDF ebook)

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I, My Dear, and the Devil [Kindle Edition]
I, My Dear, and the Devil [ePub]
I, My Dear, and the Devil [ePub]

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