Inspirations by Matilda: "Be Blessed"

Inspirations by Matilda: "Be Blessed"
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Inspirations by Matilda: “Be Blessed”
by Matilda S. Rouse

Author Matilda S. Rouse has been writing poems for a very long time. She began writing to inspire herself. While reading scriptures and thinking of ways to solve problems, God revealed many things to her. Her poems empowered her to lean on God for strength when she was weak.

Rouse’s poems and songs were used by children at her church, inspiring them to obey their parents and teachers, learn something every day, and trust in God when things seemed more than they could handle.

This book is based on Rouse’s visions from God through His Holy Word. This book can be used as a guide for anyone who needs spiritual directions. It is her sincere prayer that this book will inspire others to become closer to God and trust in Him. She believes in God’s promises. She prays that God will bless every reader.

About the Author:

Matilda S. Rouse is a native of LaGrange, Georgia. She is the tenth child of thirteen born to the late Rev. Marshell and Matilda Stenson. They were awesome parents, anointed by God. She cherishes and thanks them forever in her heart.

Rouse graduated from the Atlanta School of Business and the Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur. She was employed at the Center for Disease Control as a Personnel Management Specialist before retiring in 2003.

Rouse has a wonderful and loving husband, John, a retiree of the Georgia Mental Health Institute. She has two beautiful and talented daughters: Tami (a college graduate with a degree in Cardiovascular Sonography) and Teresa (a degree in Mathematics). Rouse loves the Lord and is thankful to God for His Son Jesus.

(2016, Paperback, 74 pages)


Inspirations by Matilda: "Be Blessed" (e-book)
Inspirations by Matilda: "Be Blessed" (e-book)

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