In The Spirit

In The Spirit
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In The Spirit
by Bertram Bowen

In The Spirit is Bertram Bowens’s connection with God and the spirit of his wife, Cecelia, and brother, Acey.

“I love You too Kid” describes the loving relationship between brothers. It will get you “in the spirit.” Simple words and rhymes create beautiful and thought provoking poems. “While you are here” describes a visit from the Lord so you can take care of Him in your final hour. “On the kitchen Door” shares Bertram’s memory of childhood when he saw a vision of the Virgin Mary on the kitchen door where he lived. “Miracle of the Balloons” is, simply put, true and personal: Bertram’s wife Cecelia’s “visited” via balloons on June 3, 2008. Balloons were sent to the sky and, as they went up, they formed a perfect “C” for Cecelia

In The Spirit is Bertram’s tribute to the past and present and should be read by anyone who has love for God and family. In The Spirit will put you “in the spirit.”

About the Author

Author Bertram Bowen is a widower and retired US Postal worker. He is a lifelong Chicago native. Bertram enjoys his four children, many grandchildren, his vinyl albums, and retirement.

(2013, Paperback, 30 pages)


In The Spirit (eBook)
In The Spirit (eBook)

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