Inspirational Spiritual Poems

Inspirational Spiritual Poems
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Inspirational Spiritual Poems
by David and Lorraine Woodard

These poems were inspired by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so they could be written and cataloged and then preserved and sustained through the elements of time for the benefit of manís understanding of Godís daily plan for their salvation, survival, endurance, and love. Their purpose is in opening the air waves of freedom in the heart, and allowing one at his or her lowest state of being to be uplifted by the powers of Godís grace to carry one through all the encounters of life, and to show them the way of reaching out to the word of God, and showing compassion for one another.

About the Author

This book was written by two authors who are brother and sister; both ordained ministers anointed by Godís holiness, and who through him, were inspired by the moving unction of the Holy Spirit. In their daily serving of Godís ministry, helping lost souls, encouraging those that are in need of support, and sharing the word of God, they let everyone know the word is life. Itís free to all that have a desire to receive it, and it will also make their lives a lot easier as they walk this tedious journey. They both acknowledge that they were once sinners, but now they are proud to loudly proclaim they are saved by Godís grace and mercy. Glory be to God to whom all praises are given always.

(2011, hardcover, 96 pages)


Inspirational Spiritual Poems (PDF ebook)
Inspirational Spiritual Poems (PDF ebook)

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