It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight

It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight
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It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight
by John P. Smith

It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight contains three captivating stories guaranteed to keep you awake, whatever the hour of day or night.

”Today is Yesterday” is a tale of horror that begs the question: What if you were one of the only people left alive on earth on Christmas day?

In “Great Britain is Now a Third World Country,” a man is haunted by a crazy, old woman from the grave.

And the final story is “I Was the Instigator,” a fascinating horror story that brings into question, who will be responsible for the end of the world?

About the Author

John Smith was born in Colchester Essex England in 1956. He continues to reside there, now with his wife, Teresa; daughter, Donna; and a Yorkshire Terrier called Leo.

Smith gained an immeasurable amount of life experience in the military.

In his free time, he enjoys sailing in his craft, Pretty Emmylou.

He is also the author of Satan’s Rats.

(2009, paperback, 150 pages)


It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight (e-book)
It's Christmas Eve and It's Midnight (e-book)

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