I Will Survive

I Will Survive
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I Will Survive
by Jacob Harden

About the Book

Evan Brooks had a life that was routine and as normal as most high school students. Things change one morning when he arrives to school and finds that his world has been plunged into terror. An outbreak of a zombie virus ahs turned the quite Boystown into the set of a horror movie.

The town descends into panic and the infected grow in numbers. Evan struggles to survive with a band of survivors inside the school gym. Evan thinks things are safe, but even in shelter danger still lurks.

So will he survive?

About the Author

As a writer, Jacob Harden wants to be as raw and unedited as possible. He thinks if you censor expression then it becomes inaccurate. Most of his titles are based on observations and questions related to today’s society. Writing is just one of his many hobbies, and he is always up to learning new things. Much of his work draws from movies, books, comics, and even video games. Some of his stories are based on the town where he went to school. As a reader, Jacob loves books by Stephen King, Robert Cormier, and Bram Stoker.

(2012, Paperback, 56 pages)


I Will Survive E-book

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