Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart

Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart
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Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart
by Marilyn Reitz-Pustejovsky

Have you ever had a hurting heart? Joey has. This is a story about Joey. He is a shy little brown dog who looks like a hotdog with short legs and long, long ears. Joey suffers a painful separation from his mother. Joey feels so much pain that he no longer runs and plays with the butterflies in the barnyard. A wise old bird named Robin Red Breast comes along to help him. Joey learns some important lessons from Robin about healing a hurting heart.

About the Author

The author, Dr. Marilyn Reitz-Pustejovsky, is a compassionate and empathic psychotherapist who practices in Houston, Texas. She has degrees in psychology and sociology, a master in social work and a doctorate in education. She has many years of working with families affected by substance abuse and addiction. Today she primarily works with children, young adolescents, and families who are referred by Children’s Protective Services (CPS). These children are experiencing hurt, abuse, neglect and abandonment. They have her heart and her stories are based on their actual situations. She has found that she can use her lifelong love of animals in stories to convey lessons of hope and age-appropriate understanding.

(2012, paperback, 34 pages)


Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart (PDF ebook)
Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart (PDF ebook)

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Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart [ePub]
Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart [ePub]

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Joey, Healing a Hurting Heart [Kindle Edition]

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