The Journey of Eiralav (Eiralav)

The Journey of Eiralav (Eiralav)
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The Journey of Eiralav (Eiralav)
by V. Lee Ballard

Author V. Lee Ballard always strives to be a student of the world and her love of the printed word can only be matched when visual images parallel.

Ballard was born in Oklahoma City, OK in 1961. She grew to love and embrace learning and adventure. Writing came as second nature, second only to taking a breath. Though this is Ballardís first published novel, writing has always been a passage to her soul. Her mother recounts her child sitting and writing her thoughtful, heartfelt notes be they happy, sad or frivolous, wondering what sirens song would it be today.

So with great pleasure, Ballard is staking a claim and hoping you enjoy her voyage.

(2013, paperback, 72 pages)


The Journey of Eiralav (Eiralav) (eBook)
The Journey of Eiralav (Eiralav) (eBook)

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