Journey of Journals

Journey of Journals
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Journey of Journals
by Eleanor Jane Rivera

Bethany Leeman is a woman who is married to her college sweetheart, has three grown children, has a job at the local hospital as the director of the health information department, and is in the midst of planning the one hundredth birthday party for her grandmother, Emma. A few nights before the event, Emma gives Bethany some old journals that relate events that happened to the family.

Kate, the young woman who writes the journals, is newly married to William and they are part of a wagon train from Pennsylvania to Nebraska to receive a land grant. They reach Nebraska and proceed to set up their homestead. The journals chronicle the events of their lives, their six children’s lives, and some of their grandchildren. During the reading of the journals, Bethany has several crises to handle; her children have made life choices of which she does not always approve, Bethany’s mother is involved in a serious accident and has to move in with Emma, and Emma has some serious health problems of her own.

This is a family with lives much like everyone else except they are fortunate enough to have written records of the early family beginnings. This story is for people who enjoy family sagas and tracing family roots.

About the Author

The author has always been interested in writing; however, her life got in the way of achieving this dream until retirement. The author has been married and divorced three times and has had four children, two of whom have died; several grandchildren; and great-grandchildren. She is a retired medical secretary/medical transcriptionist, having worked in the latter industry for forty years. She has always said that she wanted to be the “Grandma Moses” of the literary field, and this is her first entry into same.

The author lives on a small farm in central Texas. She is currently working on a second novel.

(2011, paperback, 228 pages)


Journey of Journals (PDF ebook)
Journey of Journals (PDF ebook)

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