KADUNA: A Tale of an African Mafia

KADUNA: A Tale of an African Mafia
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KADUNA: A Tale of an African Mafia
by Dr. Ikechukwu Azichukwu

January 1983: The tallest building in Nigeria, the NICOM House, which majestically beautified the commercial city of Lagos’s metropolis and linked the Nigerian nation with the rest of the world, was razed by an inferno.

June 1984: Nigeria’s ex-while transport minister was kidnapped, drugged, and dumped in a diplomatic crate in faraway London for onward cargo transit to Lagos.

April 1996: The most celebrated senator in the history of the Nigerian senate was blown into bits by a car bomb after a vehement opposition of a national economic bill sponsored by the Mafia.

And now, for once in his four years at the presidential office, the president of the most populous black nation on earth prayed to hear from the dreaded director of the all-powerful Kaduna Mafia regarding the upcoming presidential election. When he did not, he was in panic. He feared the worst. And for a good reason!

No government, military or civilian, came to power in Nigeria without the blessing and backing of the Kaduna Mafia, and no government lasted a month longer that had lost that blessing! Such were the enormous powers of the Kaduna Mafia—the invisible government—the government that ruled every Nigerian government since the sixties!

So what is its next intrigue? And what is Operation Mafia Magic?

About the Author

Ikechukwu Azichukwu is a doctor, a political observer, and a social commentator who has spent half his life in the service of the people. He lives and works in Africa and writes about his roots. His other works still awaiting publication include Message from the Shrine, The Prodigal Father, and Polygamy in Christianity.

(2010, paperback, 266 pages)


KADUNA: A Tale of an African Mafia (PDF ebook)
KADUNA: A Tale of an African Mafia (PDF ebook)

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