Laughter and Tears: A Collection

Laughter and Tears: A Collection
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9048-5

by Robert C. Taylor

Upon completing this compilation of stories of various characters and settings, I realized that my next task would be to explain how the stories are related. These short stories, unlike a novel, do not depict the charactersí lives, but rather certain memorable moments and events in their lives. As the title suggests, there are moments of joy and accomplishment, as well as moments of sadness and disappointment.

The characters in these stories are not lawyers, doctors, or celebrities, and I feel this is the key as to how the stories are related; everyday people experiencing, and, in many cases, recalling events that had significant impact on their lives.


Robert C. Taylor was born August 2nd in Waco, Texas, and he moved to Fort Worth at the age of seven, where he grew up. He graduated from Green B. Tremble High school in 1965. As a young man, Robert had a passion for mythology and ancient religions. His early literary interest consisted of writing papers on philosophy and comparative religions. During later years, Robertís interest turned to fiction, which has been his passion for the last fifteen years.

Robert is married, has raised five children, and he has four grandchildren. He had a very rich, colorful, and sometimes tragic childhood, from which many ideas for his stories were gleaned. Laughter and Tears is Robertís first published book.

(2006, paperback, 120 pages)

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Laughter and Tears: A Collection [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9048-5 [E-book]

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