The Land of the Far Away

The Land of the Far Away
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The Land of the Far Away
by Maxim Rate

Life is adventure. Adventure in everyday and everything - teaching at the school, visiting thematic literature evenings, studying religion and linguistics, meeting new people... To hold cheap about things one is really don't like, about forgetting one’s own dreams and never trying to accomplish them. That's Maxim Rate’s type of person. Too much of a child to never stop dreaming and too much of an adult to never stop working on making them real.

“When everything appears to be all right and nothing portends a threat, unstoppable force of nature brings out the biggest problem mankind had ever faced. One has a choice: to run for his life and possibly stay alive or to stay and to fight back the fate itself with no hope at all to win. I believe every sensible person will choose the first variant. But once I had met the one, who have chosen the fight, and had won. The one that was The Hero. And this is his story...”

(2012, paperback, 116 pages)

The Land of the Far Away (PDF ebook)
The Land of the Far Away (PDF ebook)

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The Land of the Far Away [Kindle Edition]

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