Leaving L. A. and Other Stories

Leaving L. A. and Other Stories
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Leaving L. A. and Other Stories
by Wendy Winters

The story “Leaving L. A.” is about courage. A woman is entangled in a web of physical and mental illness, her family, bad luck, and a city to which she never felt she belonged. But she escapes up North. In Monterey, California, she meets Larry French, a rich pornography mogul, and has to struggle for independence, and a name for herself as a dominatrix and learn her biggest lesson-Survival.

There are five stories in this book and they will all hold the reader’s interest.

About the Author

Wendy Winters lives in Oregon with her companion and five pets. Winters was born in Los Angeles and lived there most of her life. She considers herself a self-made woman and lives by her own rules. Woven into all these tales are bits and pieces of Winters’ life.

Winters has another book of short stories published, called The Steps of Solo Valley and she has been writing poetry and stories all her life. She is also an artist and has a degree in Anthropology. Winters attributes her exceptional sense of humor to helping her survive.

“Exotic and erotic, Wendy Winter’s “Leaving L.A.” brings to mind 19th century Russian literature transported to modern Southern California. Winters gives a slap in the face to authority, and tells it like it is. All of her stories are unique and down-to-earth.”
-Michael G. Verses, author of Dim Lit Masquerade

(2012, paperback, 534 pages)


Leaving L. A. and Other Stories (PDF ebook)
Leaving L. A. and Other Stories (PDF ebook)

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