Life and Death in China Gulag

Life and Death in China Gulag
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Life and Death in China Gulag
by Zen Shanz, Don Chin

Life and Death in China Gulag is the memoir of Mr. Zhang Xianchi, who spent 23 years of his youth and the prime time of his life in the Chinese Communist Labor camps. His story not only depicts a panorama scene of the inhumane life in China’s notorious Laogai camps, but also provides a general background of the Communist society as a whole. Many impressive stories enhance its readability and make this memoir a guide, leading you through time and space in this unaccountable old country under her ruthless ruler.

Most of all, you will see lights of humanity penetrating the darkness of the Communist rule which tell there is still hope for the future of China.

About the Author:

Zen Shanz, original name Zhang Xianchi, is a native of China. He is a poet and essayist. Presently, he resides in Chendu, China.

Don Chin, original name Donald Ching, is a naturalized American. He was an architect in China. Presently, he lives in Downers Grove, Illinois.

(2015, Paperback, 274 pages)


Life and Death in China Gulag [E-BOOK]
Life and Death in China Gulag [E-BOOK]

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