Little Angels Jesus Smiles

Little Angels Jesus Smiles
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Little Angels Jesus Smiles
by Tina Louise Rummel

Little Angels Jesus Smiles Is a collection of children’s poetry, written for all ages. These poems beautifully express the stories about Jesus’ love, allowing young minds to experience the world in a spiritual consciousness with God in a sincere and thoughtful setting along with colorful illustrations.

About the Author

Tina Louise Rummel resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California with her loving son Canon James Rummel and her mother Rita Louise Smith.

Writing poetry is Tina’s love and passion. She started writing to show her love for God. She created a book of poetry that allows children to experience the wonders of God with her. Her devotion with young hearts is a reflection of her inner child. Tina has also written four poetry books that were inspirational in her life. To learn more about her spiritual poetry books she invites you to her web site

(2012, paperback, 202 pages


Little Angels Jesus Smiles (PDF ebook)
Little Angels Jesus Smiles (PDF ebook)

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