A Little Boy with a Big Imagination

A Little Boy with a Big Imagination
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A Little Boy with a Big Imagination
by J.L. Sattler

Jack is excited to sail his boat to look for a whale, a dolphin, a sea horse, a shark, a sea turtle an octopus and a giant jellyfish. But he will never find these sea creatures while sailing on a lake!

Jack’s daily adventures on Portage lakes in Akron, Ohio, will make you smile at the determination of a young boy with a big imagination. His positive attitude does not sway him after being told he will have a hard time finding each creature. Instead, it makes him believe he will have better luck the next day!

Sail with Jack as he encounters geese, great blue herons, ducks, small turtles, and finally, a nice catch of fish!

About the Author:

This is the first book written by J. L. Sattler. She wrote this book for her grandson, Jack, who has an amazing love for reading and learning. It is because of him she sees the world in a different perspective.

Aside from church and volunteer work, Sattler enjoys gardening, golf, bicycling and relaxing on the water while on a pontoon boat or a kayak.

Sattler has three wonderful children and four amazing grandsons. She lives on the West Reservoir at Portage Lakes in Akron, Ohio, with her husband, Dave. Sattler states, “Living on lakefront property has been wonderful for my husband and me. It’s like a vacation every day, and the grandchildren will have fond memories for years to come!”

(2017, Paperback, 48 pages)


The Little Boy with a Big Imagination [EBOOK]
The Little Boy with a Big Imagination [EBOOK]

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