Life Wide Open

Life Wide Open
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Life Wide Open
by H. G. "Tubby" Crosby

I have tried to tell a truthful tale of a man’s life from preteen to a man of 85 years. Some of it is R rated, but that is necessary if I was to be truthful. I was married eight times, one person I married twice. When I was 50, I had a slight heart attack. In addition, the physician had me lose fifty pounds. Over the next twenty years I was so healthy and my sex drive was so high I did things that maybe I should not have, but I refuse to apologize for anything I did. As I sit here at ninety-one years of age and finish my autobiography I hope you will read the manuscript and say, “That man had a full life and I hope our Father in Heaven has forgiven him for his discretions.”

(2011, paperback, 228 pages)


Life Wide Open (PDF ebook)
Life Wide Open (PDF ebook)

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