Life Is a Funny Thing

Life Is a Funny Thing
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Life Is a Funny Thing
by Jeff Charlebois

Author and comedian JEFF CHARLEBOIS has just released his second humor book.

A clever and whimsical look at everyday topics told from the vantage point of an off-the-wall, borderline-sane comic. From the stage to the page, Jeff began writing humor articles for Ability Magazine in 1995 and has compiled some of his favorite pieces. The silly humorist covers it all as he pulls the sheets down to reveal a hysterical world of side-splitting observations.

Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.
~ Mark Twain

About the Author

In 1979 Jeff Charlebois was tragically injured in a car accident and became instantly paralyzed. Instead of allowing life to get him down, he got up… up on stage. He performs in a wheelchair and is billed as a “sit-down comic who’s always on a roll.” For over twenty years, Jeff has been entertaining audiences around the country.

Jeff resides in Los Angeles, where he pursues a writing career along with his comedy aspirations. Using every creative bone in his body (some broken), he has written screenplays, songs and has been a humor columnist for Ability Magazine for 15 years. He has also published a humor book, Medical Secrets Revealed, and has just released his second book, Life Is A Funny Thing: a clever and whimsical look at everyday subjects told from the vantage point of an off-the-wall, borderline sane comic.

The talented rogue has recently spread his wings and starred in Good Sam, a sitcom he wrote and produced that takes place in a rehabilitation hospital. The project is currently being shopped around Hollywood. Everything’s possible. As Jeff would say, “Where there’s a wheel there’s a way!”

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(2012, paperback, 120 pages)


Life Is a Funny Thing (PDF ebook)
Life Is a Funny Thing (PDF ebook)

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