The Living Lake Scrolls

The Living Lake Scrolls
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The Living Lake Scrolls
by Gary L. Gruenwald

The Living Lake Scrolls creatively explores fresh and mind-opening ideas to both entertain and edify.

Satire and humor infuse the highly readable, short-chapter format, which consists largely of a Socratic dialogue between the author and a non-personal, non-conventional, lower-case “god.”

Controversial key topics in The Living Lake Scrolls are philosophy, money, religion (especially fundamentalism), history, politics, time, death, education, and capitalism.

Other chapters include thought-provoking and provocative perspectives about science, the middle class, militarism, travel, sex, and sports.

Ideas are at work and words are at play in this book, which sharply questions the many unsatisfactory claims of traditional views, the obsolete and false “Dead Sea Scrolls” of society. Accurately identifying and pursuing the good, the true, and the beautiful in our lives leads to a genuine nobility of the spirit as well as hope for the future.

A far-reaching critique of society, The Living Lake Scrolls ultimately encourages and uplifts the thoughtful reader with iconoclastic but stimulating approaches to the meaning of life.

About the Author

Gary L. Gruenwald, M.S., is a Taft and an NDEA Fellow. The social criticism in his work reflects progressive Wisconsin values.

His published writing ranges from short stories and op-ed pieces to the book Financial Independence.

The author taught world and American history for thirty-three years.

A lifelong learner, Mr. Gruenwald is an avid reader and has traveled to all fifty states and many regions and countries around the globe.

His interests include the social sciences, chess, finance, architecture, comparative social institutions, and philosophy.

(2011, paperback, 322 pages)


The Living Lake Scrolls (PDF ebook)
The Living Lake Scrolls (PDF ebook)

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The Living Lake Scrolls (ePub)
The Living Lake Scrolls (ePub)

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The Living Lake Scrolls [Kindle Edition]

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