Lilah Locket's Good Deed

Lilah Locket's Good Deed
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Lilah Locketís Good Deed
by Tessa A. Berg

Lilah Locket, a fairy child from Wonder Valley, goes on a summer vacation to visit her grandmother in Carnation Cove. While there, Lilahís good heart leads her to help a bee in trouble, and she learns what friendship really is.

About the Author

Eighteen-year-old Tessa A. Berg resides with her parents and siblings in northern Minnesota on a hobby farm. Her whimsical writings reflect her active imagination and taste for adventure. She created Lilah Locketís Good Deed as part of a series written to entertain her younger siblings and dialogue with them about moral and ethical behavior.

An amateur artist in a variety of art forms, Berg received the grand champion and peopleís choice awards at an art fair when she was eight years old. In addition to art exploration, her hobbies include crocheting, traveling, and reading.

(2010, paperback, 46 pages)


Lilah Locket's Good Deed (PDF ebook)
Lilah Locket's Good Deed (PDF ebook)

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