Life - Makes You Wonder

Life - Makes You Wonder
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Life - Makes You Wonder
by James Shelton

In Life – Makes You Wonder, Shelton explores modern-day anxiety and our almost constant search for purpose. He asks how many times in a week we might say, “I’m having a crazy day,” or how many times we insist, “I’m in a hurry.” To go where? We are all headed to the same place: the graveyard. Yet we seem to want to get there so very quickly.

Shelton has experienced life as a father, a divorced man, a clergyman, a chaplain, and a director of a fifty-bed homeless shelter. In these roles, it has been Shelton’s challenge in life to talk to people about their problems—and ultimately to try to solve them.

Make no mistake, Shelton’s book will make you sad, but it will also make you laugh—and above all, it will force you to think. He will suggest that each of us ask ourselves the fundamental questions in our pursuit of ultimate happiness and purpose. Who am I? Where am I going? What can I do to enjoy this life rather than fear it?

Once you start to read Life – Makes You Wonder, you may not put it down.

About the Author

James Shelton was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He graduated from Wilmington High School and the University of Delaware. Mr. Shelton was ordained upon receiving a master’s degree in theology from the Mt. Airy Lutheran Seminary. He served parishes in Oreland, PA; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; and Broomall, PA. While in Baltimore, Mr. Shelton wrote, produced, and appeared in a weekly television series called The Children’s Chapel.

Mr. Shelton served as a chaplain and teacher at Morgan State University in Baltimore and as a chaplain in the Veteran’s Hospital in Baltimore; Elsmere, DE; and Philadelphia, PA. He has written a children’s book entitled The Great Grape. He is no longer with the Church; he is currently operating a fifty-bed homeless shelter in Upper Darby, PA, The Life Center of Eastern Delaware County, which is governed by the Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc.

(2011, paperback, 134 pages)


Life - Makes You Wonder (PDF ebook)
Life - Makes You Wonder (PDF ebook)

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Life - Makes You Wonder [Google Editions]

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Life - Makes You Wonder [Kindle Edition]

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