Little Men on the Radio

Little Men on the Radio
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Little Men on the Radio
by Sophia E. Schessler

I wrote this book to defend myself from the little men on the radio and all their preposterous accusations against me, claiming how I am full of disease and that I ruin the lives of everyone around me. They say no one should speak to me because I destroyed one particular life-Nathan's-since he claims I never wrote him back.

The quotes in this book are taken directly from Nathan's letters, thanking me for writing him and sending him packages through the years. I wrote him many letters asking him to call me. In return, he wrote about his drug usage, begging for the money I owed him for the sailboat he threw me off. He never picked up the phone to call because he knew, all that he had done to me. Somehow, it was okay for him to do exactly what he accused me of continuously.

About the Author

Starting with an eight-grade education, I obtained two associate's degrees and became a Level II Ultrasonic Jet Engine Inspector with a NAS 410 certification. During my last year employed, I made more than 63K dollars. I was fired for "Intimidating fellow employees on another shift." I worked with all men.

So in the end, the one-legged chick intimidated the three-legged men, and I lost my job and my good name to lies and accusations. They made me to be a laughingstock with their parody.

(2009, paperback, 162 pages)


Little Men on the Radio (e-book)
Little Men on the Radio (e-book)

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