Little Michael and Snappy in 'Day Trip'

Little Michael and Snappy in 'Day Trip'
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Little Michael and Snappy in ‘Day Trip’
by Paul Vakerics II

Going on a ‘day trip’ with grandparents is unforgettable fun. We all remember these trips, short or long distance, as very happy times in our childhood.

Grandma Minnie takes Rosie and her friends, Little Michael and Snappy, on a ‘day trip’ to Uncle Steve’s farm. The train ride to Uncle Steve’s farm, the time spent on the farm and the trip back to the Village of Maple are exciting. You see, as on all ‘day trips’ unexpected events unfold.

Come. Join the ‘day trip’ travelers on this new adventure. But, only join the ‘day trip’ if you like to smile and enjoy the innocent adventures of Little Michael and Snappy.

Did you know that Little Michael and Snappy are friends with Huff and Puff and the team?

About the Author:

The author, Paul Vakerics II, was born in Lorain, Ohio. He met his wife in high school. They have been married for over fifty years. Their two sons are married and have made Paul and his wife proud grandparents.

Paul is a Navy veteran and a retired school teacher. In his retirement, Paul finally has time to write, bruise a finger or two while woodworking and watch baseball.

(2016, Paperback, 48 pages)


Little Michael and Snappy in 'Day Trip' (e-book)
Little Michael and Snappy in 'Day Trip' (e-book)

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