The Lilacs of Fairview

The Lilacs of Fairview
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The Lilacs of Fairview
by Cecil Johnson

The Lilacs of Fairview is the poignant story of the struggle and of the survival of a down-on-his-luck father and his young son.

As Luke Somers and his boy Toby take residence in the town of Fairview they encounter others who face struggles and vulnerabilities of their own.

The narrative touches upon universal themes of love, hope, betrayal, abuse, family and friendship. The reader will be immersed into a story of the human condition.

About the Author

Mr. Johnson lives quietly on the eastern shore of Maryland. His interest in writing began in high school with the reading of such novels as The Grapes of Wrath and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Throughout his adulthood he has continued to write in his spare time. Like most writers he aspires to write “The Great American Novel.” This is his first published work.

(2012, paperback, 306 pages)


The Lilacs of Fairview (PDF ebook)
The Lilacs of Fairview (PDF ebook)

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