Losing a Loving Pet: A Firsthand Experience

Losing a Loving Pet: A Firsthand Experience
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8816-1

by Thomas P. Maher

It is the hope that by the creation of this book, using my firsthand experience, that you will find help in getting through the loss of your loving pet when he or she passes away. I had to put my Haley to sleep, and I hurt, suffered, and had a lot of guilt. In this chronology, I show you the ways I got through the stages needed to get on with my life. It is very tough to lose a pet you love so much; I know, I’ve been through it. I hope that in reading this, you will get the help you need at this time when you need it most. You will get through this. You will survive. I did! And so this book is for you to use as a means to feel better and be able to handle your loss without all the feelings you have had.


Thomas P. Maher was born and raised in Bay Village, Ohio. He graduate from college and worked as a claims adjuster for an insurance company for just over two years. He left that company to work for a major U.S. airline. He retired from that same airline after 36 years of service.

He became interested in dog shows not too long before retiring. He helped dog owners with their dogs both at AKC and CKC dog shows. Though nervous, he even got to be a handler in a ring showing a dog at an AKC dog show. “It was the opportunity of a lifetime,” he said. He was and always will be grateful to have such an experience.

But after about five years helping at dog shows, he had to give it up. He wanted to finish his book and have it published. He also had to spend more time on research on his “Provisional Patent,” which was pending. More research led to him applying for an upgrade to a “Utility Patent” pending and recently when he applied for a “Twenty-Year Patent Protection” on a system on which he is currently working.

He has three grown sons and admits that he loves all of them very much and stays in touch with them. He wants more time to visit them also. Two still live in Ohio and one lives in Oregon. He hopes to move back to Ohio, as “that is my home!”

(2006, paperback, 306 pages)

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Losing a Loving Pet: A Firsthand Experience [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8816-1 [E-book]

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