Love Can't Fear

Love Can't Fear
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Love Can’t Fear
by Michael Dorocke

Author Michael Dorocke has written a spiritual love story happening against the background of American society’s grave temptations of alcohol and drug addiction. The boy-girl dialogue protests the tragedy of satanic evil in this world that threatens to harm our Great Society.

The hero, Amory, and the heroine, Ginevra, protest the terror-stricken world across the Atlantic Ocean. They reject the quest for wealth and materialism that is America today. Like the 1960s flower children, they long to change the world. And they sense in our capitalist culture a lack of Rebellion and Spirituality. They sense the lack of Virtue in our culture – lust, especially, is everywhere we are entertained.

The dialogue of love between Amory and Ginevra tries to touch all of this world’s greatest problems – nuclear proliferation and the rise of militant dictatorships abroad. In the end, they relate it all to their alcohol and drug problems. In Alcoholics Anonymous they find the miracle cure. They are now alcohol- and drug-free, thanks to AA and their faith in God. In their lives, God has truly blessed America.

About the Author:

Michael Dorocke was born in Boston and spent his youth in Cleveland. He was educated at Newman Prep School and, briefly, at Northeastern University. He loves New York and travels throughout New England. He still lives in Boston.

(2016, Paperback, 66 pages)


Love Can't Fear (e-book)
Love Can't Fear (e-book)

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