Love Idiot

Love Idiot
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Love Idiot
by Matthew Ray

I started writing books when I was twenty-three years old. I completed my first book, Love Idiot, when I was twenty-four, in December. I wrote most of Love Idiot before them. Before Love Idiot, I wrote a suspense story called Him, Her, Them, and Matt; two football stories called Strong and Skinny; half of an alien action story called Alienís Disk; a variety cookbook; a dessert cookbook; and a sushi cookbook. After I wrote Love Idiot, I started to write other books and music.

Before Iím twenty-six, I plan to have ten books and 1,000,000 words written. I want to make rock CDís and a country CD. I wrote two proposals for video games for a closer to realistic action story and an alien story. I wrote and am writing other books called Alienís Disk,an action story, Mattís Destiny, a suspense story, Him, Her, Them, and Matt, two football stories, Strong and Skinny, and Strong and Skinny 2, two love stories, Their Favorite Chef, and Personality.

(2010, paperback, 244 pages)


Love Idiot (PDF ebook)
Love Idiot (PDF ebook)

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