Mahogany Expressions

Mahogany Expressions
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Mahogany Expressions
by Andrew Pope

Andrew is an avid poetry writer whose love for his craft should touch the intellectual and sensuous side of his readers. Andrew has been writing since the age of nine and has expanded his writing to include collaborations with other poets. Andrew believes in the power that words have to make the mind see imagery and also make the senses feel without pictures. Andrew’s book is a must read for both sexes. So remember to let your inhibitions run free and untamed. Remember to let your literary passion feel no shame. Andrew wants to draw you into his words like a moth to a flame. Andrew also has some sensual and elegant collaborations with talented female poets. These Ladies have lent their talents to help make his work a success. You will find that these collaborations will leave you wanting to read more as your imagination soars with each enticing word. Andrew hopes you enjoy the collaborations as much as he did writing with these beautiful Ladies. Andrew is looking forward to thanking you; the potential reader; in some form or fashion in the near future. His heart is smiling in advance.

(2014, Paperback, 74 pages)


Mahogany Expressions [EBOOK]
Mahogany Expressions [EBOOK]

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