Marriage: Find Your Special Person

Marriage: Find Your Special Person
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Marriage: Find Your Special Person
by L.K. Leah

Think someday youíll be married? What should you look for? What should you avoid? Donít read this if you want a dry textbook!

This book is intended to provide light, enjoyable reading while the reader gains insight into what can be a good or bad potential marriage. The thirty-three short stories range from exploring you and a partnerís attitudes toward pets, kids, finances, friends, careers, family background, and much more.

This book will help a person understand how to find a compatible mate with whom to form a lasting marriage.

About the Author

L. K. Leah has experienced the pain of divorce but has now been happily married for several years. She has a married son and a granddaughter.

The family loves various types of music and attends a variety of musical events and concerts. The author personally loves to read and is interested in helping others find a happy marriage by writing this book.

Favorite hobbies shared with her husband are ATV riding, camping, and picture taking in the beautiful Inland Northwest, where they reside.

(2009, paperback, 48 pages)


Marriage-Find Your Special Person (e-book)
Marriage-Find Your Special Person (e-book)

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