Mango Tango

Mango Tango
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Mango Tango
by Norman H. Donaldson

Mango Tango is a heart-warming tale of enduring friendship between two contrasting friends, but a bit different. The mango tree becomes a vivid symbol of the two friends’ strong companionship.

The interaction between them and the warm embrace of a family is touching.

The love, caring and devotion to the living tree opens up a surprising course of events; sometimes harrowing, and stressful, but quite life-changing, leading the characters to consider some of life’s true values.

A host of interesting characters present themselves. They are symphonic in their interrelatedness; often unpleasant and sometimes skeptical in tone and style, alternately rather comic whilst, all the while, the two friends continue to be determined in their frenetic passion and pre-occupation with the mango tree.

But life is never smooth, especially with a demanding, erratic boss, work stress, illness, money and the usual everyday problems. Nonetheless, this is an exuberantly human story, anything but somber. It is a book to be enjoyed.

About the Author

Norman H. Donaldson was born in a small town named Parys, in the Orange Free State, in the Republic of South Africa.

Donaldson worked various jobs, including in a gold mine, before he immigrated to Australia with his wife and son in 1980. The family settled in Perth, a modern city in Western Australia where they continue to live.

Now retired, with a love of gardening, reading books, and cultivating a mango tree, Donaldson was inspired to write Mango Tango when a lifelong male friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

(2014, Paperback, 108 pages)


Mango Tango E-Book
Mango Tango E-Book

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