Matching Hearts

Matching Hearts
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Matching Hearts
by Brooke Duhon

Becoming a big brother or sister is tough! You may worry your parents will pay less attention to you. Some of you may be excited at the arrival of your new baby brother or sister. Either way, Tanner will feel mixed emotions on his journey through his mother’s pregnancy. In the end, the love between siblings is beautiful. You may even realize you have more in common with your siblings than you thought!

About the Author:

Author Brooke Duhon works for her local government in the city of Lafayette. Duhon was born and raised in Louisiana and is proud to be a Cajun. She loves her culture and the food. Her family plays an important role in her life. Duhon enjoys spending time with her family and friends, writing, and being around children. Children bring a joy into her heart which has brought Duhon the confidence to write Matching Hearts. She hopes you enjoy reading her book as much as she enjoyed writing it.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)


Matching Hearts (e-book)
Matching Hearts (e-book)

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