The Miracle of the City of Ordinary

The Miracle of the City of Ordinary
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The Miracle of the City of Ordinary
by Bill Wadle

Gifted writer Joe Grayson is embarking on a long-awaited vacation. As sometimes happens in life, a stumbling block has been placed in his path. Intrigued by this obstacle and bound by his nature as a writer, Mr. Grayson finds himself using his vacation in search of an answer to the unusual behavior of the citizens and remarkable things taking place in this exceptional city he has come upon.

Unexpectedly, as his search into the mystery of Ordinary deepens, the answers start to affect Mr. Grayson in such a way that he begins to view life in a somewhat different light; perhaps you will, too.

Written in a graphic and unique style, readers will find themselves in the very shadow of the author as he delves into the unknown, relentlessly pursuing leads and clues until finally discovering the “secret” that transformed the City of Ordinary from a deeply troubled “Urban Community” to an “Idealistic City” where the lives of its citizens are to be envied.

About the Author

Author Bill Wadle first indicated writing ability in high school when writing for the school newspaper. After three years in the Marine Corps and during numerous years in various occupations, he and his lovely wife combined their talents to write, produce, direct, and perform in several musical plays. During this time, Bill developed a unique writing style through a distinct blend of humor, cynicism, and sentimentality, enticing readers to turn the next page in search of what lies ahead.

Bill and his wife, Joanne (now retired), still enjoy dancing, going to the theater, playing the slots, and partying—the latter in a somewhat subdued manner. He loves to read, dabble in poetry, strum a banjo (he knows four songs), and tend his flower garden. They have two daughters, Deborah and Lori; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

(2011, paperback, 122 pages)


The Miracle of the City of Ordinary (PDF ebook)
The Miracle of the City of Ordinary (PDF ebook)

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The Miracle of the City of Ordinary [ePub]
The Miracle of the City of Ordinary [ePub]

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The Miracle of the City of Ordinary [Kindle Edition]

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